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Eat This? Really??

July 13, 2010

The latest salvo in the war for the biggest, greasiest and most fattening food item appears to have been fired by the fine folks at Carl’s Jr., where a footlong cheesburger is being tested in Orange County

Ironically for me, I was in the midst of working out at the gym this morning when a shot of this thing flashed across the screen. I felt the grease from this foot long monstrosity wash over me, and I hadn’t even taken a bite.

I love food, of that there is no question. But this is one of those times where even I have to draw a line. I’d be better off stapling the foot long cheeseburger to my back fat — cuz that’s exactly where it would be headed if I ate one.

Isn’t interesting that during this period of belt-tightening for most of us, that restaurants are trotting out concoctions designed to seriously expand our waistlines? Consider that in just the last few months we’ve been introduced to KFC’s Double Down (does not come with a free double bypass), the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt (what you get if two grilled cheese sandwiches and a cheeseburger mated), Sonic’s Footlong Quarter Pound Coney (in the ads the carhops say the name really fast so it must be delicious).

I’m all for letting market forces do their work, but we may be bordering on the irresponsible. Food concoctions like those listed above have long been the stuff of eating challenges. Jack-N-Grill, a restaurant in Denver, offers a seven-pound breakfast burrito. Eat the whole thing and you get your picture on the wall. I have no problem with the bragging rights or gustatory bravado inherent in the occasional food challenge.

But how challenging is the contest if everyone is eating the same freakishly large burger?


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