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We Can All Walk and Read at the Same Time!

July 13, 2010

Knox County has been doing some great things lately to help county residents become more active. On the heels of the Active-8 initiative, which let participants try out eight different outdoor activities like biking, canoeing and frisbee golf at parks throughout the county, comes the Walk & Read Club.

The Walk & Read Club is a two-for-one deal — go for a walk while “reading” an audiobook. Oh, and it’s free! The program launches at 9 a.m. this Saturday, July 17, on Market Square. During the kick-off event, participants can sign up for the club and pick up a starter kit, which includes a pedometer, water bottle, a map of Knox County parks and greenways, and other goodies. Again, it’s free! If you have a Knox County library card, you can download a book (for free!) from the library system’s Web site. It couldn’t be simpler, really.

The Walk & Read Club is a partnership of the Knox County Public Library, Knox County Health Department, Knox County Parks and Recreation and Knox County Mayor’s Office.

The rules of Walk & Read Club are simple: you can walk and read wherever and whatever you want. The only requirement is that you agree to walk 150 minutes a week (30 minutes, five days a week) for six weeks. Everyone who completes the Walk & Read Club will be entered into a drawing to win a Gatlinburg Getaway, including food, lodging and activities. Did I mention, the club is free?

I’ve already decided that I’m going to “read” Frank Bruni’s Born Round. Bruni is the former food critic at the New York Times. He also, shockingly, struggled with his weight. I’ve heard snippets of the book, and Bruni’ is at times brutally honest and often very funny. The combination of Bruni’s book and the beauty of Knox County’s greenways and parks should make for a great six-week adventure.

So, put on your walking shoes, pop in your ear buds and join the Walk & Read Club.


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