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A Happy Hour to Make any Mad Hatter Proud

August 13, 2010

No one asked how a raven is like a writing desk, but everyone seemed to have a grand time at the first-ever Mad Hatter’s Happy Hour to benefit the American Cancer Society. 

The event was held Thursday night at the Square Room, which was the perfect venue for this madcap adventure. 

Here’s how the event worked: Eight Hatters — or table hosts (Lorna Norwood, Amy Styles, Cheryl Ball, Jennifer Holder, Wendi Klevan, Janet Testerman, Tracy McBroom Tramel and Will Carver) invited their friends to come to happy hour, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. or thereabouts. They provided the adult beverages, we provided the location, food and entertainment in the form of the band Slow Blind Hill. Money was raised for the Society as guests “tipped” their table hosts. 

Several Hatters got deep into the spirit of the evening. Jennifer Holder went Pirate crazy, including wearing a blinged-out skull-and-crossbone cap. She provided her guests with eye patches and fabulous champagne flutes with skeleton-arm stems. She worked the pirate them into her party right down to the skull-shaped bottles of Crystal Head Vodka! 

Ahoy Mateys! Here there be pirates!


Amy Styles got all festive with a balloon theme. Her balloon boa got smaller throughout the event as guests popped each balloon and performed the activities written on pieces of paper rolled inside them. Amy even had prizes! 


Lorna Norwood (left) worked a bit of Alice in Wonderland into the proceedings by going with a Queen of Hearts themed table. 


Cheryl Ball delivered sombreros to her guests as part of their invitation to the party! 

Some of our Hatters took an understated and elegant approach to the evening. And, their guests had a great time as well!
Janet Testerman (left) and her guests enjoyed summer beer at their table. The Mad Hatter’s Happy Hour has special meaning for Janet, who is a breast cancer survivor.
Tracy McBroom Tramel (second from left), her husband Tim and their guests enjoyed mojitos. Tim is a brain cancer survivor. Tracy is in training for the Hotter ‘n Hell 5K, which also benefits the Society and will be held at Tyson Park on Saturday, August 21.
Wendi Klevan (left), who works on the Society’s national marketing and communications team, was thrilled to lend a hand to the Mad Hatter’s event. Her guests drank mojitos that featured mint grown in her garden!
Will Carver, a member of the Society’s Knoxville Leadership Council, was unable to attend because of a death in his family. His guests came to support him and the event. Thanks to Wendi for sharing her mojitos!!
The Square Room’s bartenders also got into the spirit of the event by donning hats!
Before the night — really, 90 minutes — was over, our Mad Hatters raised nearly $4,100 for the American Cancer Society. Jennifer Holder’s crew helped her raise the most during the event, for which she was handsomely rewarded with a picnic cooler loaded with two bottles of wine and assorted nibbles.
The Mad Hatter’s Happy Hour was a huge success, and several of our Hatters said they’d be back next year. We can’t wait!!

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