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Recipe: Grilled Sea Scallops

September 7, 2010

Because of the crazy summer heat, my grill went largely unused for much of the summer. Then came the beautiful, balmy weather of Labor Day weekend.

I decided to fire up the grill on Monday, but hadn’t really landed on what to cook.

My original plan was to grill some oysters, having just enjoyed a plate full of them at Drago’s in New Orleans. Succulent and smoky with a texture like butter, the oysters at Drago’s are a must-have. Admittedly, my experience there last week was my first, but if ever I have the chance to go back, I’m ordering only the chargrilled oysters. They’re magnificent.

That was my plan: duplicate, or at least badly imitate, those chargrilled oysters.

However, our local fish monger (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase!), The Shrimp Dock,  requires 24 advance orders for oysters. Makes sense to me, really. Not everyone digs oysters, so why keep them around unless you know someone wants them. Now I know.

I was quickly able to change plans, however, and decided to grill the lovely sea scallops The Shrimp Dock had on hand. Here’s how I prepared them:

1 pound sea scallops

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

Pat the scallops dry with a paper towel, then place in a bowl. Drizzle olive oil over scallops. Add seasonings. Lightly toss to coat scallops evenly.

My pound of scallops amounted to 15 pieces, which I skewered. I had metal skewers; were I to do it again I would opt for bamboo skewers soaked in water. The metal rods sliced through the scallops when I attempted to flip them over (not a huge deal, but a little inconvenient).

Place the skewers on a medium-high heated grill. Let them sit. Scallops don’t require a long cooking time; ultimately 4-5 minutes on each side. Cook until they become opaque.

I served the scallops with grilled asparagus (same olive oil and seasoning method as above, minus the garlic powder). Asparagus takes two minutes, tops, to grill. I also made oven-roasted potatoes (baby red potatoes quartered and sprayed lightly with zero-calorie cooking spray, then seasoned with salt and pepper). Place potatoes on a cooking sheet under the broiler for 8 – 10 minutes (you’ll want to check for your preferred doneness).

Our meal was a fitting end to summer–and healthy too. For those on Weight Watchers, a pound of scallops has only 10.5 points, not including the added olive oil.


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