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Dancing Around the Big 3-0-0

September 27, 2010

That last week has been a blur of work-related travel.

As evidenced by my weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Saturday, I didn’t prepare myself for last week’s trip as well as I usually do. I was up 2.6 pounds.

Frustrating, yes, but I know the reasons why. A little wine here, a dessert there, tortilla chips, etc. Not horrible choices individually, but I also didn’t exercise as frequently or as long as I would have liked. And, because I was tired I didn’t get my long marathon training walk in.

All of that to say last week was a perfectly human week. They’re not all going to be. This is a journey, right?

I have to be better this week, though, even though I’m still on the road. This time, Washington DC, a great walking city. I’ll get plenty of exercise here!

It has to be better because a big goal is in sight. I’m this close to dropping below the 300-pound mark. It’s my Moby Dick, my Excalibur. Not the end of the journey, to be sure, but a turn in a great new direction.


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